Justin Bartlett, Trying to Be Professional

Justin Bartlett

3:31 AM (5 hours ago)

to me
Okay Angelna Clark,  My Company is local and I have no clue what your talking about changing companies.  I have owned my last to brokerages for over two years and before that I was with Paraissance and Windermere. The Hedge  Fund that paid you was from Florida, please feel free to research it with your amazing skills, or do whatever you want, I really don’t care.  I will be sending this email to my attorney at DEMCO Law Firm out of Seattle, WA.  I am done dealing with a snotty immature little girl who apparently does not understand law.  I don’t care what you think you know, but your wrong and what you did was illegal.  You have the right to post blogs, but you don’t have the right to post Slander.  When you have no clue what your talking about you should really not blog.  I am a Real Estate Agent/Owner of the Company Superior Real Estate  LLC and am the Listing Agent on the property you were trying to get paid on, that I made happen.  The Hedge Fund is out of Florida and the Money behind it is out of Scottsdale.  Please reference any Hedge Fund of any substantial size,  The representatives are usually from a different location than funds are stored, but your bad research skills are not what is at hand.  By the way, I will also be having my clients represented by my attorney as well for your lying to receive payment.  You stated to Brandi in email that your client would be getting the electrical inspected before payment was made and that was a lie because final sign off by the city still has not occurred.  Now before you do anymore slandering of my company you may want to contact your council.  Have a great day.


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