I’m a Rugby Mom

If this was last year I would tell you I watch rugby.

I would tell you my Significant Other’s son plays rugby.

I wouldn’t tell you I have a new family.

I wouldn’t tell you this is a solid sport with amazing people.

The Rainier Junior Highlanders Rugby team has a kickass pesident. They have a leader and an example.

They have a great support base from the parents.

They won 3 championships last year

It’s all new to me.

I’m a step mom to one of the players. His dad has explained the game and the culture to me.

Rugby has a CULTURE and it should be a culture that all sports follow.

If you don’t know what I mean you soon will, because now, as a new mom, a step mom, a second wife – I AM A RUGBY MOM .

If you don’t know what rugby is, because I didn’t, please allow me to introduce to you rugby and the life that comes with it

If you haven’t felt whole this will fix that


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