Game Changer

At one time or another all great leaders experience something so big and so impactful it literally changes the landscape – it’s what is a “Game Changer.” A game changer is that ah-ha moment where you see something others don’t. It’s the transformational magic that takes a community, organization, team, or standard from ordinary to exceptional. Here’s a  blue print for creating ah-ha moments.

Relentless Pursuit

Ever wonder how people come up with the proverbial big idea? They work at it. Put simply, the best leaders proactively focus on pursing game changers. They’re never satisfied with the ordinary or mundane. Leaders aren’t just dreamers – they are doers. Successful leaders are nothing if not persistent, committed individuals who understand potential is of little value if said potential fails to be realized.

Be Original

One of the things wrong with today’s marketplace is there’s far too much rehashing of old ideas spun as new. Great leaders aren’t copycats – they abhor me “thinking outside the box”  methodologies. Leaders who pursue game changers have no patience for the status quo – they focus their efforts on shattering the status quo. Game changers refuse to allow their organizations to adopt conventional orthodoxy and bureaucracy – they challenge norms, break conventions, and they encourage diversity of thought. The message here is a simple one – don’t copy  –create. Don’t just play the game – change the game. The goal is to create, improve on, and innovate around best practices in order to find next practices.

Develop A Clear Purpose

Leaders who create or inspire game changers are nothing if not aware. Not only are they self-aware, they’re aware of the emotions and needs of others, and they are also clearly aware of what will be embraced in the market. They possess a refined blend of intrinsic curiosity and extrinsic focus. Perhaps most of all, game changing leaders are in touch with a greater purpose – they understand the value of serving something beyond themselves. If you want to create a real game changer have a purpose that serves, improves, helps, and inspires.

Take the elements mentioned above and apply them to a leader that goes above and beyond and that’s who a game changer is.

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